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The magic words


Gratitude is the most basic thing you need to learn in mastering the LOA. When we were young our parents  taught  us to say the magic words  for everything we receive or for good acts done for us. I remember then that when I say these words I really meant them and I really do appreciate every blessings.   but when I got older I say the words “Thank you” like a habit or a formality that needs to be said otherwise others will not be pleased. I guess young peole have purer hearts with real intentions.

Why do you need to be grateful? 

You need to be grateful get  what you want and to get more of what you already have. This concept has been repeatedly taught by Rhonda Byrne in her books and other experts of the LOA. Gratitude can change your life. It will help you appreciate small things, simple pleasures, and become happier and positive about life. The effect is that good things will happen to you and the things you wanted and dreamt about will be realized as soon as you practice gratitude in your life.

How to be grateful

Yes it seems simple and easy to apply gratitude in life but to be grateful and to say thank you time and time again for things is not enough. To be grateful means you have to really really mean it. You have to say the words thank you with all your heart, count your blessings and appreciate each one.

According to “the magic” one way to practice gratitude is to count blessings by writing 10 things that you are grateful for in a journal. write anything that you have.. Be grateful for the  money, clothes, shelter, air etc. I did this last year however I failed to keep up. I’m doing this again and I’m on my 7th day tomorrow. I’m now  enjoying writing things that I’m grateful for in my life.

**I will be writing a post about how to keep up with your gratitude journal and a review of THE MAGIC by Rhonda Byrne after 28 days so watch out and subscribe to this blog. I wanna say Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! for reading this post and dropping for my blog. Chase for your dreams, never be afraid and enjoy the life you deserve!

Bye! 🙂


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Reviving the magic

Today is the 6th consecutive day that I’ve been religiously following the things written in the “The magic” by Rhonda Byrne. At first I think that what she is telling in this book is just the same as those what she said in “The Secret”. But I’m not disappointed. Because in each day that passed I realize that I was able to change my attitude about life. Yes, the secret will inspire you but this book goes deeper because it instructs you to do things that are life changing and you get excited to read the next day’s task because it feels like it will lead me to something great.

Today I noticed that I’m actually happier, I’m more positive about things, My dreams got bigger and more specific, I’m less of a whiner, I see beauty in everything, more altruistic  and I’m determined to master the LOA. My belief in magic is also revived.

I’m a bit undecided what will be posted in this blog everyday but  its going to be basically about mastering the LOA, my attempt a and effort to have a deeper understanding of this so called secret. I’ve got many ideas right now that I intend to blog everyday. I just have to organize my thoughts, make them more exciting and interesting  for you and the rest of the world. Follow me and I promise to help you understand this law better. You might ask, How can I do that if I’m not even an expert in this thing? Well experts know a lot, they practice things they know without effort. However since they have general idea about things, they tend to forget to break down the basics of the knowledge they wish to impart. But if you join my journey, we’ll learn every single information gradually until such time that we are ready to go the next level and then finally Master the law of attraction someday. I’m not in a hurry, if you wish to tag along follow this blog and let’s revive magic to our lives


**I wish you sunshine and happiness 🙂


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My second attempt to master the law of attraction

Hi I’m Zzy and this blog is basically intended to be a journal about my attempt to master the law of attraction. I first learned about this law last May 2011. Like many others I was excited about it. I actually think that I can do it and I could master the secret. However like many others I got busy and I forgot about practicing it. But time and time again I encounter topics, books, images, quotes etc reminding me about this law. I ignored them. Until I visited a bookstore and bought the magic.  Now I’m on my second attempt in trying to live the law of attraction. I hope that this time I can do it and this time I want to touch lives and also affect the people around me including you who might be interested in following my path and conquering the world.

-Thank You for being here. I find joy in sharing my knowledge and life with others.  Have a great day! 🙂